Sunday, April 20, 2014

Podcast #129

Commentary for Episode 2.22 "Three Minutes"

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1:15:00: Episode Commentary Starts
2:00:45: Post Episode Discussion
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Commentary for Episode 2.22 "Three Minutes" (with episode audio)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great episode, thanks!

About the who-is-on-the-computer question, I think they might have answered that (or at least strongly hinted at an answer) in "Exposé". In a flashback Paulo goes down into the Pearl to hide the diamonds, and while he's hiding in the bathroom Ben and Juliet come in and have a conversation where Ben says that they will use Michael to get Jack/Kate/Sawyer to come to them. You can tell the scene takes place before the computer thing because one of the Pearl monitors is showing Jack taking care of Sawyer after his bullet wound, and Michael saw the message on the computer only after Sawyer was well enough to be out of the hatch. I guess this means it was their plan from the start to purposely lure Michael into a trap and they used the computer to do that.

(Sorry if you ended up addressing this, I still haven't quite finished the podcast yet.)

- Fiona

4/20/2014 01:35:00 PM  
Anonymous Noxex said...

You guys are on a hot streak here! Another great episode. I feel like you have got to have set some sort of world podcast record for most shear number of minutes discussing one general topic. If someone else has the record, I'm sure its not as high quality as this. I would assume that (especially at this point) you don't have many listeners, but this podcast should be more widely known.

(In hindsight, I kind of wish you'd guys had made these breakthroughs a little earlier in the season, because I'd LOVE for someone to make actual sense of just wtf Fire+Wire was all about. Or maybe I don't... on the other hand, there's always "Further Instructions"!)

5/01/2014 08:15:00 AM  
Anonymous Chris said...

I`ll never understand why this podcast wasn`t the top favorite of every Lost fan when the show was still on. Other podcasts,like Jay and Jack, gained a much larger following it seems, even though to me, they were nowhere near as great as Claudee and Justin. Not that they were bad, per say, but podcasts that were an hour long at best and then didn`t even spend all of their time talking about the episode at hand. Usually most of the time was made up of annoying Listener Call-Ins.

Claude and Justin, otoh, were always funny, critical and smart, and offered a detailed analysis. I didn`t always agree with their opinion on things (I was actually pretty satisfied with almost all of Lost ;)) but they were so entertaining and actually well-thought out that that didn`t even matter.

I don`t know why their fanbase isn`t as huge as some other podcasts, but maybe people just can`t handle the awesomeness. For me, Lost without the Lowdown has become a no-go.

Well, I guess I felt like giving my opinion on everything for no real reason, but there you have it :D

5/02/2014 01:35:00 AM  
Blogger Claude said...


Thanks for reminding us. I think you are right, Expose gives more info on this time period.


Glad you are enjoying it! We wish these breakthroughs had happened years ago! lol


Thanks for the kind words! We don't know why we weren't more popular either ;) I think the long length and lower production value (mostly by choice) detracted people who just wanted a surface level conversation. Regardless, we were always very happy to have a lesser number of fans, but more dedicated fans who spent tens to hundreds of hours listening to us - and still do!

Look for the Season 2 finale podcast this weekend!!!!

5/02/2014 02:43:00 PM  

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