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Podcast #128

Commentary for Episode 2.21 "?"

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Commentary for Episode 2.21 "?" (with episode audio)

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Anonymous Stephen said...

Thanks for another great podcast! I've only listened to it once, but fell asleep listening to it last night, so maybe I just dreamt it, but... did Jen make a cameo appearance about halfway into this episode?

-Anonymous LLD listener/forum operator

4/08/2014 04:14:00 PM  
Blogger ash said...

Thanks guys, I've just listened to the first hour so far but some great discussion in this one.

4/10/2014 03:21:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually think I can forgive the writers for the stuff about the psychic, certainly more so than with the other inconsistencies in the show. They had been throwing shit at the wall in early season one when they first introduced the whole Claire-psychic storyline, but by late season two when they must have been forming a little bit more of a long-term plan in their heads, they realized the whole Aaron-being-evil/"special" thing had no place in the long-term story of the show (and I think I agree with them; a lot of dropped plotlines upset me, but I feel like a plotline about an evil, all-powerful baby would not only have been corny, but would not have added much to the story we ended up getting). I even remember you guys talking years ago, maybe 2008 or 2009, about an interview with Damon and Carlton where they confirmed that they intended this scene to be an answer, that the "psychic" was just fucking with Claire as fake-psychics do and there was nothing inherently weird about her or Aaron.

If that's what they wanted to get across, I think they did it about as well as they could have without messing up the rest of the episode. Sure it's a little vague, especially to Lost fans who were willing to interpret anything as crazy, but I personally would rather have a vague-ish answer than a jarringly-explicit answer like with the whispers.

4/14/2014 02:45:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I wrote that comment before I finished the podcast, probably shouldn't do that. I still think it kind of applies, but I do really like your psychic/Jacob idea.

4/14/2014 05:34:00 AM  
Blogger ash said...

Great theory about the psyhic but I think you guys connected the dots to make it work better than the Lost writers ever could have. Wish they would've done this since it makes so much sense.

4/16/2014 01:49:00 AM  
Blogger Claude said...

Thanks for the feedback everyone! We are really happy you are enjoying the commentary series and dig our latest theories!

"Solving the psyching" is a good warm up to the next podcast where we crack open LOST on a fundamental level. Yes, that's a tease ;)

Stephen, Jen did not make a cameo so you totally dreamt that. :) Perhaps it was a premonition of the future. Stephen David Hume?

Anon, please post with a name just so we can keep track of your comments over time - thanks!

4/16/2014 01:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Noxex said...

For many reasons, I think this was the best episode of your show yet. I think its because it seems like you guys are coming around to what I've felt about this show, which is:

I've had this crazy theory that LOST actually was planned in advance and that there weren't "retcons", etc per se... its just that the story they decided on was told in a deliberately vagie fasion and only possible to figure out via insanley long podcast discussions. At first and second and third glances most elements seem non-sensical, but part of the "point" is that you CAN make sense of them.

As you guys have pointed out many times in the past, there is a certain genius to this. Whether it makes for good television or is actually entertaining in the usual sense of the word is another matter.

On an unrelated note, something one of you said made me realize something about MIB's powers. There is a difference between his general "scanning" and appearing as person from memory power and his ability impersonate dead people if the body is on the island. This is how, for example, he could appear as Walt, even though he's not dead, Dave, etc. He only can "become" a person for real if he has a body. My mind was blown when I realized that. Unless I'm wrong, of course. They don't actually SAY any of that though...

4/17/2014 10:03:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"'Solving the psyching' is a good warm up to the next podcast where we crack open LOST on a fundamental level. Yes, that's a tease ;)"

So does that mean you've already recorded the next podcast?

4/18/2014 06:06:00 PM  
Blogger Claude said...

Yes, we have the next two podcasts (the rest of season 2) recorded. I will post them as soon as I can tomorrow!

4/18/2014 07:43:00 PM  

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