Monday, August 28, 2006

Trivia Contest Sweepstakes Giveaway (TM)

Questions about The Lost Lowdown:

1. Who thought there were two groups of Others?

2. Who believes 100% that the "sickness" does not exist?

3. In Podcast #7, what character did we talk about the most?

4. Which character (besides Walt) did we conclude might have psychic powers?

5. Name two things that we "falsified.” (i.e. changing Henry to Fenry)

Questions about LOST:

6. Who answers Boone's radio transmission when he is in the Beechcraft airplane?

7. Where do we first see the numbers?

8. Who goes on the expedition to find Henry Gale's balloon?

9. What item appeared in Claire's dream in Raised By Another and also in the medical hatch in Maternity Leave?

10. How much did Walt win from Hurly the first time they played backgammon?

Good Luck Everyone!
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