Thursday, April 21, 2011

Podcast #99

Commentary on 1x17 "...In Translation"

00:00: Podcast Starts
00:12: Episode Commentary Starts
00:55: Post Episode Discussion
01:15: Podcast Ends

MP3 File

Commentary on 1x17 "...In Translation"
(with episode audio)

MP3 File


Anonymous r10th3r0 said...

#99! Another surprise guest-hosting with Jen! You know last night I re-listened to another podcast with Jen (Follow the Leader, I think)! I love how she always runs out of Lost-related comments super early, and you guys must politely nudge her to stay on track. It's super adorable! Anyway, can't wait to listen!

4/22/2011 03:27:00 AM  

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